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Introducing the Reveal™ App

Reveal is a personal assessment and problem management app that is currently being beta-tested and it's existing module is available at no cost. 


Reveal has several parts (modules). The first part is a self-awareness tool that is designed to provide exceptional clarity about the pleasant and unpleasant aspects of a person's life, as well as to offer insights for dealing with one's problems. 


The second part, still in development, is a guide that helps an individual deal with problematic situations. For life issues that can be improved, it steps the person through a problem-management process. For problems that cannot be improved, it provides guidance using an emotional-coping approach. This module will also be available to beta testers for free when it's ready.


At any time, anyone who asks to collaborate with a life coach, counselor or therapist trained in using Reveal will be connected with someone via video conferencing, phone conversation or text messaging. 


Click the link below to start using the Reveal app:


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