National Health Data Systems, Inc.
National Health Data Systems, Inc.

Vision, Mission and Value Proposition

National Health Data Systems, Inc., founded in 1994, focuses on accelerating healthcare value through novel information technology.

Our Vision

Within five years, our health IT system will deliver knowledge-building collaboration tools that enable diverse teams of clinicians, researchers, and software technicians around the globe to continually improve people’s health and wellbeing worldwide.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to build and deploy knowledge apps using a creative software framework and open communication network. We will give healthcare providers, consumers, researchers and decision-support model builders tools that grow and share knowledge needed for continuous improvements in the quality and efficiency of well-care and sick-care. We will continue our unyielding commitment to integrity, truth, compassion, and high-value healthcare.

Our Value Proposition

Our health IT has a simple, flexible, modular structure that can interoperate with other IT systems and apps. It provides solutions that include:


  • An inventive spreadsheet-based software framework (SSF) for development of affordable, workflow savvy apps that provide an intelligent way to capture, store, and analyze data, and to present information that goes by the numbers and beyond.
  • A cryptographically secure, NIST standards based, network architecture that (a) meets HIPAA requirements for the exchange of health records, (b) enables exchange of information without expensive infrastructural buildout and transmission costs, and (c) is more flexible than a VPN or closed network.

  • The ability to connect to disparate data stores, to consume and transform the data regardless of the formats, and to organize the data for rapid reporting while preserving the data’s intended meaning (semantic harmonization).


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