Vision, Mission and Value Proposition

National Health Data Systems, Inc., founded in 1994, focuses on accelerating healthcare value with whole-person health information technology (health IT).

Our Vision

Our health IT solutions will enable patients/consumers, clinicians, researchers, and software technicians around the globe to continually improve people’s health and well-being through high-value (efficient and effective), whole-person, measurement-based care.


We are actively working to achieve this goal by fostering deep understanding of the interactions between a person's biomedical health, moods and emotions, cognitions (thoughts, memories, beliefs), behavioral tendencies, life experiences, and social determinants of health. This knowledge provides insights about the things that motivate a person's actions and cause reactions. 


These insights, in turn, provide an integrative “big picture” view of the person that helps support decisions for promoting one's psychological well-being and physical wellness.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build and deploy adaptive knowledge apps that realize our vision. We use a creative software framework and communication network to build health IT tools for healthcare providers, patients/consumers, researchers and decision-support model builders. These tools enable the growth and sharing of knowledge needed for continuous improvements in the quality and efficiency (i.e., value) care.


We pledge to continue our unyielding commitment to integrity, knowledge, and unvarnished truth.


Our Value Proposition

What differentiates us is our decades of relevant experience and creativity that have:

  • Enabled us to manage, integrate, analyze, and share vast and diverse amounts of data from different sources
  • Produced proprietary clinical content, computerized algorithms, and logic rules for assessing, managing, and using information about the mental/behavioral and physical health of the whole person
  • Allowed us to build a wide variety of sophisticated knowledge tools for healthcare decision-support and research
  • Proved the vision we've been working to realize for the past twenty-five years was right on target and worth our persistence.


Our Current Focus

We are currently beta testing and continuing to develop our consumer/patient- and practitioner/clinician-facing app named Reveal™. The Reveal™ app is a: 

  • Self-help tool for youth and adults that builds exceptionally broad and deep self-knowledge needed for physical wellness and psychological well-being. It also educates people about how to use that knowledge to gain awareness, insights, and skills needed to cope with troubling issues in their lives and to develop and implement problem-solving strategies for addressing those issues.
  • Practitioner support tool that aids in the delivery of patient/client care and continuous improvement of that care. It utilizes computer-assisted, measurement-based methods that assist in delivering behavioral/mental health care across most therapeutic orientations and approaches.


For more the app, click this link: Reveal™

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