National Health Data Systems, Inc.
National Health Data Systems, Inc.

Our Company

National Health Data Systems, Inc., founded in 1994, focuses on accelerating healthcare value through novel information technology.


Our Mission


Our mission for the past 17 years has been to help improve human health and wellbeing with truly next-generation health IT systems focused on increasing care value by:

  • Enabling organizations and professionals to track and continually improve outcomes by supporting decisions based on deep understanding of individuals' physical & psychological health status, needs and appropriate care options
  • Promoting coordinated care by giving authorized persons an easy, secure low-cost way to access and share complete patient health information, even when bandwidth is low, network traffic is slow, Internet access is sporadic, and data are stored in disparate silos
  • Helping patients/consumers to make informed decisions and take responsible actions by gaining profound knowledge and self-understanding
  • Assisting research scientists in obtaining information they need to determine the highest quality and most cost-effective ways to prevent and treat health problems
  • Protecting populations in the event of a disaster or pandemic.

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