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Whole Person Integrative Care Strategy


Dr. Stephen Beller (CEO/President of NHDS) was the first person to present the Whole Person Integrated Care (WPIC) strategy. He introduced it in 2008 in a blog post about a path to profound healthcare transformation that focused on increasing value to patients and rewarding healthcare providers who deliver high-value (efficient, effective, affordable) care. 


WPIC is a transformative healthcare delivery strategy that uses novel HIT to spur lasting improvements health-related services by addressing long-standing problems including inadequate patient engagement, wide care cost variations not associated quality, and insufficient evidence-based decision support. WPIC’s goal is to improve people's health and wellbeing by:

1. Integrating “well care” with “sick care,” whereby prevention of illness and dysfunction is coupled with the treatment of health problems 

2. Addressing the needs of the whole person, whereby care is focused on both mind and body (psychology and physiology) and mind-body interactions

3. Using HIT to translate data into information that builds knowledge that is used for evidence-based decision support, education, and continuous process improvement focused on efficient delivery of high-quality care.



WPIC Strategy
This file provides an in-depth overview of the WPIC strategy.
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