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WPIC Health IT

What WPIC Health IT Does

WPIC Health IT:

1.  Collects, shares, consumes, transforms, integrates, aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes data to produce information that builds knowledge and insights.

2.  Enables collaborators to develop, exchange, evaluate, continuously improve, and implement computerized models that provide evidence-based decision support.

3.  Fosters patient engagement (participation) through a patient-centric approach focused on educating patients, enabling shared decision making between patients and their healthcare providers, and incorporating patient generated data.

Novel Software Framework

A novel software framework is used to develop software applications that support the WPIC strategy. The apps provide low-cost, convenient, highly capable, always available, secure, flexible, and resilient tools that enable collaborators to improve healthcare processes and outcomes.

Loosely-Coupled Networks

Our apps can exchange information in unencumbered, “loosely coupled” social networks (LCNs) via a communication architecture that provides an easy, low cost, and secure way to connect individuals anywhere in the world in networks through automated encrypted e-mail that cross organizational and national boundaries.

This enable diverse groups of people to freely communicate and collaborate. This allows them to share diverse sets of data, experience, knowledge, ideas, and other relevant, non-redundant information and insights, which increase innovation and creativity.


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