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RAHN™ Referral Manager

One RAHN™ app is the Referral Manager. It is a next-generation software program that employs our novel (patented) underlying technology which uses spreadsheets and e-mail to collect, track, analyze, exchange and present patient information in a secure, convenient and inexpensive way. This easy to use program does not require additional hardware and works with any other software programs.

The Referral Manager enables primary care physicians (PCPs) to send patient referrals and clinical data in Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) to specialist providers quickly and easily. The referral process is simplified and more useful by tailoring the referral information to particular patient conditions. This means, for example, that a PCP selects specialists from a list that has been automatically filtered to show only clinicians having the appropriate areas of specialization for a specific condition, as well as selecting from a reasons for referral list that corresponds to that condition.

Supplying health information is streamlined and simplified by enabling manual data input directly through an electronic copy of a patient's CCD, as well as importing data from any electronic medical/health records (EMRs and EHRs) and structured data files. Furthermore, an audit trail of data changes is maintained.

The Referral Manager also enables collaborating providers to exchange clinical notes, filter them by various categories, and review and discuss them through "threaded" conversations (i.e., where the messages are grouped visually in a hierarchy by topic).

In addition, as with all RAHN™ apps, protection of patient data is increased by keeping the data always encrypted (both "in transit" and "at rest"), and by providing authorization and authentication to assure the right person gets the right information.

For more information about the RAHN™ Referral Manager, please visit this link.
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