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Personal Health Profiler™

A second RAHN™ app (software application) is the Personal Health Profiler™ (PHPro™). It is a next-generation personal health record designed to help improve people’s lives through self-exploration and knowledge building. This knowledge is built on a strong foundation of biomedical and psychological (cognitive, behavioral, and emotional) information that promotes self-understanding and responsible action for better health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life.

The PHPro™ evolves continually through use of flexible software modules that:
  • Collect data directly from the end-user
  • Obtain and incorporate data from external sources
  • Transform all this information into a report-ready "Content File"
  • Retrieve and format the contents of the Content File into interactive health profile reports
  • Provide instruction and education for coping with and solving life problems.
The PHPro’s software modules are designed to make it easy and inexpensive to incorporate new information from many different sources, tailor the software end-user preferences and needs, and work in conjunction with third-party products.

In other words, it provides an innovative model—a novel framework—by which all patients and other healthcare consumers, clinicians/practitioners across all disciplines, researchers, educators, and health information technology developers can collaborate to design and build ever-better tools for obtaining, organizing, and presenting health-related information.

Following is a list of the PHPro’s unique capabilities and benefits:
  • Interactive reports provide an integrated view of a person’s biomedical and psychological (body-mind) information, which improves decision-making by addressing the needs of the “whole person”
  • Personalized desktop portal providing easy access to relevant information on the Internet and elsewhere
  • Problem-management guides providing coping and problem-solving tools that include gateways to focused information related to troubling issues a person is facing; this process helps avoid overload by supplying information, interpretations, and guidance in a way that foster understanding
  • A way to give the individual complete control over the data by enabling him/her to determine whom (if anyone) has permission to view each particular piece of information; this allows data sharing in a very protective manner
  • A comprehensive, ever-evolving, self-assessment questionnaire that speeds knowledge-building through a patented "branching logic" process in which only the assessment items relevant to each person are administered.
For more about the PHPro software, visit this link to our blog.
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