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National Health Data Systems, Inc.
National Health Data Systems, Inc.

Our Products and Services

Software Products

The ReAsure HealthNode™ (RAHN™) family of software products fills serious gaps in today’s health IT.

The RAHN™ architecture uses spreadsheets and e-mail in new ways. This creative solution provides a quick, easy, secure and inexpensive way for authorized individuals everywhere to collect, exchange and use relevant health information. It enables the right people to share the right information at the right time in the right way and for the right price by:

  1. Obtaining, combining and analyzing all types of health data from any sources with a powerful electronic processing engine
  2. Protecting the health data under lock and key with a state-of-the-art electronic file cabinet
  3. Turning the health data into useful information with an ingenious electronic document designer
  4. Sending the information through the Internet quickly and easily via secure electronic mail and web services.

Software Components

The RAHN™ architecture consists of two types of software programs that work together: the RAHN™ desktop node and applications (apps).

RAHN™ Desktop Node

The RAHN™ desktop node is a software program that transmits data anywhere/anytime by automatically sending and receiving encrypted data files attached to e-mail. These nodes use their “publisher” functionality to send the data files and use their “subscriber” functionality to retrieve and consume those files. This novel architecture has delivers many important benefits and advantages.

RAHN™ Desktop Apps

RAHN™ desktop apps are software programs that collect, analyze and present health data. Each RAHN™ app stores the data similar to the way doctors store patient health records (“charts”) in file cabinets. That is, instead of using paper charts and file cabinets, the app stores patient data in electronic data files residing in electronic folders in the user’s computer hard drive. The apps transform the data files into reports. Our apps are capable of storing, analyzing and presenting an unlimited amount of data in each patient record, no matter where the data came from or is going.


Our services provide product customer support, custom software development, and consultancy.


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