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National Health Data Systems, Inc.
National Health Data Systems, Inc.

Our Focus

We are the first company to focus on fixing our current healthcare crisis with products and services designed to:
For more about the healthcare crisis and ways to fix it, please visit:
  • Our Wellness Wiki, which presents information and innovative ideas for understanding and curing the healthcare crisis by offering a wise way to better outcomes and lower costs.
  • Our Curing Healthcare blog, which covers a wide variety of topics focused on understanding the complex healthcare systems in America and abroad, and wise ways to improve the health and well-being of all people.
  • Our CP Split™ technology site, which describes how our patented software technology--that splits content (data & information) from presentation (reports) using data grid (spreadsheets) templates in a unique way--saves time, money and resources, reduces complexity, makes information more useful, and increases security and privacy.
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